Friday, November 27, 2009

BE. thankful.

What is the first word to pop into your head when you hear that word?
Maybe... turkey, football, or spending time with family.
But, what is the real reason for thanksgiving?
Being thankful for what you have. And caring for others who don't have anything.

This past tuesday night, everything seemed to be going wrong.
It was two days before thanksgiving and Levi got sick with a stomach virus.
Wednesday morning Lilly and Cross got sick.
I thought to myself. GREAAT, Thanksgiving is ruined. YeSsS.
Little did i know God had other plans.
Satan, who comes to destroy thought he had gotten exactly what he wanted.
He thought we would forget about we are thankful for because we had a few sick kids.

Instead, on thanksgiving afternoon, we went to walmart.
We got some cakes and bottled waters, and headed out to downtown birmingham.
We went to a few different parks, and gave the stuff out to people who did not have a home.
Or a warm house and family who cared about them.
I felt SOOO bad for these people. Just think...
God created them just like you and me. God loves them just like he loves you and me.
YET. They are alone.
They were THRILLED to get one piece of cake and a water.

I think that was one of my favorite thanksgiving memories yet.
Although my thanksgiving dinner was a burger from sonic. It's a lot more than most.
It felt so good to help others instead of helping myself.

if you are reading this right now in your warm house on your computer.
you are BEYOND blessed.
Thats something we get daily and do not think twice about. No biggie, huh?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

mg :)

i recently met marygrace wolnski.

she is pretty much one of the coolest people. EVER.

although i only spent around 5 minutes with her, it is so obvious.

she is so full of life.

you cant help but smile when you are around her.

she is so far in her walk with Christ. it is incredible.

uhhh. barely know her. yet love her too death.

by the way, did i mention she is pretty too.

grateful : )


the word that is flashing on my head right now.

i am so blessed. thanks to Him.

him would be GOD!

God the



and spirt!

incredible. insane.

my life is SOO amazing.

mainly because of the people in it.

they are wonderful.

i can not begin to explain the love i have for them.

each and everyone of them. you know who you are.

life is an ADVENTURE. endure it. live it

well anyways

HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG...

think about who and what you are thankful for...

you know what it is?

yeah welll now thank God for it.

God is the reason. always.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today was a day...

Well i think i can safely say, today has been a day.
Not really bad.
yet not really fabulous.

But when you wake up too pouring down rain
and you have only gotten around 6 to 7 hours of sleep...
(because you were taking an algebra test for 3 HOURS the night before)
jump out of bed, go straitin your hair NOT THINKING. AT ALL.
that it is POURING DOWN rain out side so its gonna frizz...
put on your make-up. FAST.
rush down the stairs. eat a cereal bar. drink some milk.

get too school. get SOAKED getting out of the car.
run too your class room to learn, your having class in a different class room.
go to the new class room. sit down ready to take HISTORY notes :P
you can not WAIT. till history is over. counting down the seconds.
THEN you find out your lit. teacher is NOT THERE.
so you have 30 more min. of. HISTORY.
take a quiz in 25 min. when the lit teacher wanted us to have an hour
go back during your LUNCH break to finish the quiz.
when you get to the the class realize you needed to borrow someones book.
run back through the rain to get david's book.
go BACK (again).
get to work on your quiz for about 15 min.
leave with out even having finished my quiz. AGAIN.
so the first part of my day was an EPIC FAIL.
although the last half was not bad.

i just remain to think. keep your patience.
GOD is patient with you. be patient with others.

do not be quick to anger.
as bad as you want to scream.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

in awe.

As i sit here and think about how incredibly blessed i am. i think.
GOD is incredible. I am in awe of his beauty and, his perfection.
HE has put every single person in my life for a reason.
HE has blessed me with SOO. much.
I have the. most amazing family. EVER.
HE has blessed me with that.
I have the. most incredible friends. EVER.
He has blessed me with that.
That is crazyyy.
GOD is soo good.
GOD is soo perfect.
GOD is so GOD.

enough said...


Hey, okay so i am starting a blog, so i can have somewhere too just write my thoughts. So enjoy =).