Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hey friends :)
Okay this is something i really have been meaning to blog about forever and ever. But now that school is over i have absolutely no excuse to not be blogging. But what i want to say is so pure and sweet that i really can not even fathom it.
Well recently i have been OBSESSED with Psalms. I'm not sure why, but i think because it is so strait forward and there is just so much wisdom in that book. But not to long ago i was going through all the verses i have underlined (which is A LOT) but, probably 75% of them have the word 'steadfast love' in it somewhere. And the more i looked the more i realized that word is not only any the verses i underlined but it is all over the book of Psalms. Do you know what it would be like to have a steadfast love for someone because i am not sure i would.
I am a very loving person, i love people. Even if i do not necessarily like the person i can promise you i love them. I think that is one of my spiritual gifts. (I have not figured out what that means in my life yet but we'll see.) But i honestly can not imagine having a ongoing, everlasting love for someone. Because even though i really do love everyone there is probably somewhere that i would draw the line. And God does not just love us, he likes us ALL THE TIME. I really can not imagine it. And I'm not so sure about you, but i know that i do not always treat God like he deserves. I forget about Him, cheat him, and stab in the back. And i am pretty sure if i had someone do that to me i would not have a 'steadfast love' or like for that person.
So so so sweet to hear. That we are forever loved with no stop, no matter what. And i know every single person reading this loves the idea of always being loved. Well, you are. :)

This week, keep in mind how much God loves us. It just might make you change some of the ways you treat Him and your time with Him.

Last thing: My very best friend, Miss Kayla Perry is in Panama right now. She will be there for 2 and half more weeks. (17 days, but i mean who's counting?) But please keep her in your prayers. :) Thank you.

Love every single one of you.
mm. everyOUNCEofyou.