Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Others before yourself : )

Ok so did you know humans are selfish? Well we are. VERY.
So today has been a rather boring day... extremely boring!
I babysat allllll morning. And when my mom got home i planed to go up to my grandmothers to help with Christmas cooking : ).
Well by the time i could go...she was done.
Also i asked kayla to come over but... that did not work.
So i have literally been doing nothing for like the past 2 hours.

But then i thought...
WOW im am SOO. self-ish.
I am sitting here in a heated house.
with a lemonade in my hand.
on my warm bed.
with my macbook in my lap.

There are people in Africa today who will not eat.
who will not drink.
who will die.

There are people in ALABAMA who will not eat.
not drink.
and die.

WOAH. hold up.
There are people in my TOWN who will not eat.
not drink.
and die tonight.

yet here i am being a selfish little brat.
what THA heck.
i was created in the image of Christ. is this how Christ acts... ummm.
i think NOT. not at all.
Is this how Christ intended for us to act. i think NOT.

So think about others before thinking about how "terrible" your life is.

Merry CHRISTmas Everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keep your eyes on the prize (HIM)!

Keep your eyes one the prize.
The prize is HIM.
Jesus Christ. LORD. Savior. Best Friend.

Satan wants you too leave him for something else.
Don't let Satan win. Don't let him get he wants.
Satan is VERY sneaky. He can let things get in the way all the time.

We are here because of God.
We are living because of God.
Everything we are is because of God.

So why should we not give him our all.?
WE SHOULD. but...
Do we? Do we always give him our all?
Well if you just said yes, that is a lie...
we should all act our lives like we are saved by the one and only savior. but we don't.
We get to caught up in earthly things.

DON'T loose focus. Keep your eyes on Jesus.
He is the only thing worth our time.
He is the only thing that will matter in the end.
He is LIFE! He is our all and all.
SO give him your ALL!