Monday, January 3, 2011

remain in the Lord. :)

Okay, new years resolution number one: stay updated on my blog. So sorry about the blogging shortage lately, i realize it has been ridiculously too long. So much has happened since i last blogged and i have had numerous things to blog about. But i will try not to over do it on this one.
First and most importantly i have come to realize so many things in the Lord. I have discovered some bible verses that will no doubt stick with me forever. I have literally had Jesus in my face screaming "Stop drawing to others, instead of me. I am your father, the only person who is always faithful. Come to me, my child." I ignored it for a while. (you know typical human response, i got this under control thanks though." But before i knew it, i was on my face asking Jesus what i needed to do. One by one relationships began falling apart, until i realized it was because i had ignored to Lord months before when reading Bible verses like these:
"What is man, that you make so much of him, and that you set your heart on him." Job 7:17 (fave. ever.)

"The Lord is my helper, i will not fear, what can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:6 (holiness.)

I completely ignored little things like that. So God decided that he would YELL it at me by physically taking away things until i realized i needed him worse than anything. So about a month ago i had to apologize to people and God. I felt so shameful for ignoring him, and promised that i would listen next time. No matter how difficult, i was ready for what he had to say. I feel so much better after fixing things. And those verses i shared earlier will forever be in my head and heart. :)

Another cool thing that has been going on is the adoption. (not only ours). Precious little Esther is getting closer and closer. We have finished paperwork, home study, and all that jazz. And now all of the paper work is IN ETHIOPIA. We are officially on the waiting list. :) I honestly can not wait.
Also my aunt and uncle have decided to adopt for Korea, and let me be first to say she is one of the prettiest little girls i have ever seen. The story is incredible, God put everything perfectly in place for their adoption. Everything has worked out completely perfect, and i can not wait to get Daria here as well. As if our families together equaling 11 kids (soon 13) was not enough we decided to add a few more colors in :).
Keep praying for both adoptions if you do not mind.

Last thing i will mention today but FOR SURE not least is my precious friend Sydney McLemore. Probably one of the strongest people i have ever met. On november 22 she was in a terrible car accident. It was her and another precious friend Natalie Hurst. The car accident was a tragedy. And as upsetting as it is Natalie was killed in the accident. Sydney had 3rd degree burns on 18% of her body, and a broken hip. She was in the hospital for 5 weeks, and remained so strong. Not only was she dealing with physical pain but also the pain of loosing one of her best friends. Sydney is now home, and doing really well. We are all so proud of her, and she has been such an inspiration to many people. (including me. forsure) Sydney has proved that with God you can overcome anything and everything. I am more proud of her than i can even express. But please, keep her in your prayers, AND the Hurst family as they are still dealing with the loss of such a precious girl.

if you noticed all of my latest experiences have only happened because of people remaining in Lord. The Lord is the only constant person in your life. He is the only person who can be 100% positive that he will be there for you every single day of your life. So, please, take my word and remain in His.

i promise to write soon.
love yall. :)