Saturday, September 25, 2010

Prayer changes things. :)

Two weeks ago today 3 of my friends were in a major golf cart accident. These were just three normal 15 year old kids. They have gone to church with me since i can remember, they are really good kids. So when this happened we just thought "why would this happen to them out of all people?" This was not a reck where all that happened was some bumps and bruises. This was SERIOUS. Madison broke almost every bone in her face and knocked out some teeth. Hunter had two scull fractures and was not conscious for 10 or so hours. Courtney got lucky and just had scrapes all over her. But they are all home and well after many MANY hours of praying.
Well three days after this happened with them and everything was beginning to look okay, a freshman from hoover had a brain aneurism. I did not know this kid, but many of my friends did. They said he was a sweet kid. Why did this happen to HIM? I mean that is so rare and unbelievable. He was not responses for about a week. And as of right now they still do not really know what is going to happen.
Because of these two accidents parents, teachers, church member, friends, and strangers have been on there knees praying for these kids. And just last week one of my best friends Lacey said "Lex, what would happen if we prayed like this all the time." And that hit me like a ton of bricks. If we always prayed all day, all the time we would live in a different world. We would change things, really REALLY change things. As humans when everything is okay we say "Don't worry God, we got this. I will let you know when you are needed." Then something terrible happens and we come crawling right back. That is not how it should be, we should be on our knees praying each and everyday just as much as we have been the past couple weeks. We could change the reputation of hoover, alabama, or america if we would all just pray like everything is crashing down even when it is all going great.

Just keep this in mind this week :).
Love you all.

Friday, September 3, 2010

perfect. :)

SO. this has been probably one of my favorite years ever. But, honestly EVERYTHING is falling in place.

First a most importantly, my heart has really opened up. I became a Christian when i was 4... so i never really felt like it was a big thing. Because when i was 4 it was more of a "hey i want to go to heaven" kinda thing. But, lately i have realized why i am here on earth. And there is only ONE reason. To worship my Lord and Savior. And to tell others about the incredible things he has done for US. SINNERS. (wow.) But, for about a month now i have read my Bible and Prayed every morning before i do school. And used to i did'nt really understand the Bible and i found it boring. But i look forward to reading it so much. I love feeling like knowledge is being POURED into me. And over all i just love Jesus. He knows what is best, and he will make it happen when the time is right.

Another thing is all my friends are exactly who i feel like they should be. I have always been blessed with good friends but, lately it is just perfect. Some friends come for a little bit and then leave. But the ones i have right now i feel for sure i will always have. Of course kay, we have been best friends for 2 and a half years now, and we have known each other for 4. God was up to something when he placed her in my life. She is honestly like my sister. And then so many others. Me and Brent have been dating for 6 months. and it has been incredible. I never understood why boys did not like me when i wanted them too. I now realize it is because God had this planned. And he always had. Even when i thought it would be impossible. Me and Scotty have been really close for about 6 months now, and that sounds so short because i feel like i have known him FOREVER. He is totally and completely the big brother i never had. So thankful for him. And there are so many more, all of my school friends have been the biggest blessing to me. I am so lucky to know each and everyone of them. They will be there forever. And all my church friends, we have such a good friendship. We are always growing closer. Plus new friends from Christ City. REALLY awesome people. :) (thankyouJESUS)

Last but not least my family :). We have always been looked at as the big crazy family. But we are so happy. I mean i have my days where i need some "lexie time" but, when it comes down too it i would not trade a single one of them for the world. And we even have a new addition coming soon from Ethiopia. (so EXCITED) And i feel like she is going to be the best little addition to our family. No lie, my mom is super woman. I do not know how she does it... i really hope when i grow up i can be as good as her. Although that is completely impossible. My daddy is the best daddys EVER. i will forever and always be a daddy's girl. FOREVER, even when i am all grown up a married. He will always be the most incredible man in my life. No guy will ever measure up to him. I guess i will have to settle for second best, since mom already stole the first. :)... Not to mention all 6 of my siblings are incredible. We fight sometimes, and we don't always agree. But there is so much love in this house.

Thank you Jesus for all you have given me.
Let me never to forget it comes from you.