Sunday, May 9, 2010


ohhhhh mygosh.
im super super super sorry.
i know, i know. it has been like 3 months.
but i am reviving my blog as of right now.

So i am just gonna jump on this whole blogging thing again.

tonight i was at the christ city church event at hunter street.
i was left absolutely speechless multiple times.

we sang a song that i have not only heard but... sang a million times.
but tonight it had so much meaning to it.
it was like a brand new song being sang to my soul.
the lyrics are:

Creator God you gave
ME breath so i could praise
your great and MATCHLESS name
all my days, all my days.

i mean read that thoroughly.
are you still in shock?

i mean the only reason God gave us breath was for us to praise him.
he is JEALOUS for us. he wants us more than anyone else.
he does not want us to give any effort towards anything that would not help to further the kingdom.

and then on top of that, did you read the part that said
"his great and MATCHLESS name"
i mean. his name is totally and 100% matchless.
nothing on earth could even possible compare.

our good is as filthy rags to him...
so imagine what our sin looks like to him...
yeah, that is not a fun thought!

but goodness gracious.
why does he love us so much anyways.
could you truly love someone who is constantly stabbing you in the back.
constantly forgetting you. and putting retarded stuff before you.

but we act like that all the time. and God not only puts up with it.
he loves us no matter what. he forgives us no matter what.
He not only loves us enough to send his Son to die FOR us.
but INSTEAD of us.

(im gonna leave with that)