Saturday, January 23, 2010

Change... : )

Oh gosh.
im sorry.
im sorry its been so long.
its been over a month.
uhh. my bad.

So even though its been i while im gonna
jump right back in to this whole blogging deal : )

Last week was a wakeUP call...
not in a bad way. but not in a good way.
i have realized we will not always sit and soak up our perfect lives.
(nothing other than the name of Christ is may seem that way. but it wont last.)
But honestly we think our little ray of sunshine will last forever. (or we hope)
but sooner or later God is gonna shake it up to say "you need me. BAD"

Life changes often.
Learn to live with it
and don't fear change.
God knows what he is doing!

This week. i have learned a better concept of love.
love is here with us. always.
no matter what kind of love. people do love you.

I have been a more loving friend this week.
I have been a more loved friend this week.
at the time where you think love is gone, its actually overflowing.

You get hit in the face with how fast something can be gone.
I want to love a person like it is my last day with them.
I want to love a person like it's the first time.
I want to love a person like the Father loves his people. (not possible)
but its worth a try. right? : )

Honestly i am SOOO blessed.
yet there is SOOO much i take for granted. (all the time)
but its so true!
I have the best:
role models
church family.
a girl could even ask for....
yet a forget about how lucky i am to have them ALL the time.

I hurt people.
and then i look back and think
"what did you do, you little selfish child"
because i could not ask for a better life then the one God has placed me in.
yet i mess it up often. very often.

the point of this blog...
just love. everyone.
you don't know when God will take them away.
you don't know what will happen with them tomorrow.
so just love them.

whoever is reading this.
and i am sorry if i have ever hurt you in anyway.

: ) lex!