Saturday, February 27, 2010

obsession worthy? he is...

look at me.
i have done it again.
another month. (what the heck)
so sorry...

anyways, lately life has seemed like a fairy tale(:
grades are decent, spring break is almost here, and i have the cutest boyfriend on earth.
But i keep reminding myself, this is not why i am here.
I am not here to be obsessed with life. I am here to be obsessed with God.

I get obsessed with things easily. TOO easy.
when i find something new that i like, i get obsessed.
and it is ALL i think about, but therefore the new wears off fast. TOO fast.
Therefore, i have decided the only thing that the new will not wear off of is God.
He is never changing but he is always a mystery. <--- insane.

So he is the only thing worth being obsessed with. the ONLY thing.
but i have to keep reminding myself of that, or i will become obsessed with things that are not worthy. (not good)

i am becoming more and more obsessed with God everyday... seeing more of his glory. : )

so good. so PERFECT. so God.